Re-Solv provides a range of services and resources including:

We also publish a range of resources, listed below, which you are welcome to download and use. If you would like printed quantities, or resources tailored to your organisation’s needs, please do get in touch.

In the list below, we’ve also included a number of resources from other organisations that you might also find useful.

Information and harm reduction

Solvent Abuse: the Lowdown


Nitrous Oxide: the Lowdown


Poppers: the Lowdown


At you can search for information on every drug and there’s a confidential phone helpline and live chat service.

Practical advice about legal highs and other drugs can be found at

The Global Drug Survey’s High-Way Code provides harm reduction advice based on user experiences and findings from their annual drug surveys.

For Parents

Talking with your children about drugs: A Parent’s Guide

We have two versions of this guide, one for England and Wales and one for Scotland.

Mentor UK, the UK’S leading voice in preventing drug and alcohol misuse among young people, provide Information for parents and carers at their website.

Adfam, the UK support network for families affected by drugs and alcohol, also provide helpful advice and information in the What should I do? section of their website.

For Teachers

‘Loaded Gun’ video, 12 minutes

Introducing VSA and the personal and social issues that surround it for Key Stages 3 & 4. This video investigates the ramifications of VSA on three families. View.

‘Silent Killer’ video, 7 minutes

Introducing VSA and the personal and social issues that surround it for Key Stages 3 & 4. This video looks at the personal cost of VSA on one family and their local community. View.

‘Buzzin’ video and teacher’s guide, 40 minutes

Two-part video and teacher’s booklet for schools in Scotland.

For Retailers

Guidance for Retailers on the Sale of Volatile Substances following the Psychoactive Substances Act


Help Us Help More People Recover from Solvent Abuse: Solvent Abuse and the Law


For Practitioners

New Psychoactive Substances (‘NPS’) Checklist


Guide to assessing for solvent and volatile substance abuse


A4 poster

Intended for in-service notice boards, with information about solvent abuse for adult users. Download

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