About Re-Solv

Founded in 1984, Re-Solv works to reduce the harms caused by volatile substance abuse (‘VSA’ or ‘solvent abuse’) and the misuse of other legal substances across the UK by:

about res-olv
  • Keeping this ever-present and changing form of legal substance misuse in the forefront of policy and public awareness
  • Continuing to drive prevention through education and training
  • Providing support for the individuals, families and communities affected by it

VSA (known as ‘solvent abuse’)

With over twenty-five years’ experience and dedication to the prevention of VSA, Re-Solv is acknowledged as the UK’s lead body in the field and runs ‘Community for Recovery’, the national support network for VSA. Re-Solv also acts as Secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on VSA.

‘Legal Highs’

Re-Solv’s experience in tackling legally accessible drugs has also been relevant to policy-makers as they look for ways to tackle this new epidemic of legal drug use. The two most commonly used ‘legal highs’ – poppers and nitrous oxide – are also volatile substances. Re-Solv sat on the Education & Prevention sub group of the Home Office’s Expert Panel in New Psychoactive Substances and is leading a three-year, community-based NPS prevention project in Stoke-on-Trent.

Education and Training

Re-Solv provides a range of services including school sessions on both VSA and ‘legal highs’ and training for substance misuse and other professional services.

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