About Re-Solv

Founded in 1984, Re-Solv works to reduce the harms caused by volatile substance abuse (‘VSA’ or ‘solvent abuse’) and the misuse of other legal substances across the UK.

about res-olv

We achieve this by:

  • Keeping this ever-present and changing form of legal substance misuse in the forefront of policy and public awareness
  • Continuing to drive prevention through education and training
  • Providing support for the individuals, families and communities affected.

We are primarily supported by statutory, grant and trust funding.

Gas and solvent use (‘solvent abuse’)

The deliberate inhalation of volatile compounds to produce psychoactive effects (EMCDDA). These volatile compounds include gases such as butane and nitrous oxide, petrol, solvents and some glues. They are found quite legitimately in everyday products found in all our homes and high streets.

Directly inhaling gases and solvents can kill instantly and there is no ‘safe’ way of doing it that avoids this risk. Learn why.

Support and recovery

With over thirty five years’ experience and dedication to the prevention of gas and solvent inhalation, Re-Solv is acknowledged as the UK lead in the field and runs ‘Community for Recovery’, the national support network for people struggling with this form of substance misuse.

Education and Prevention

Re-Solv works with local communities on prevention programmes. We also deliver school sessions on the misuse of gases and solvents and other teen drugs, and can provide teacher training sessions for inset days.

Please visit our Education & Prevention pages for more information.


Re-Solv provides bespoke training on gas and solvent use for professionals, peer mentors, volunteers and those in recovery across the UK. We also run workshops and awareness-building sessions for service user groups. Find out more on our Training page.


Re-Solv has been campaigning to keep gas and solvent use at the forefront of the public agenda since 1984. Our recent advocacy work has included:

  • In 2017, the ONS agreed to re-examine the data on Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA) mortality in England and Wales, resulting in the publication in 2018 of a new report, Deaths related to volatile substances and helium in Great Britain: 2001 to 2016 registrations. This report was updated to include mortality information to 2020.
  • The All Party Parliamentary Group on NPS and VSA ran from 2016-2020, with Re-Solv and Mentor UK as joint secretariat.
  • In 2014, Re-Solv contributed to the Education & Prevention sub group of the Home Office’s Expert Panel on New Psychoactive Substances.


Re-Solv has a range of resources for young people, parents, schools, professionals and those who may be using volatile substances. Please visit our Resources page for more details.

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