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Since April 2016, Re-Solv has been funded by the Scottish Government to deliver core national work.

This funding enables us to raise awareness of VSA, train professionals in a wide range of agencies about Volatile Substance Use (VSU) and to provide early intervention and support for children, young people and families affected by VSU.  Our aims in Scotland are to:

  1. Reduce harm and prevent deaths from VSU and other legal psychoactive substances.
  1. Raise awareness of VSU among young people, their parents/carers, relevant services and policy makers.
  1. Boost young people’s resilience to prevent them turning to VSU or other substances.
  1. Increase capacity for all stakeholders so equality of access to skilled VSU services/support is the same as for illicit drugs.

Alex Kellas is our Volatile Substance Use Training and Prevention Lead in Scotland. You can email Alex or call her on 07759 053561 for more information or to make bookings.


In our work, Re-Solv recognises and raises awareness of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and children’s rights (UNCRC).

As part of the effort to promote children’s rights, the Scottish Government has produced a ten-minute training tool to raise awareness of children’s rights, not only among early years professionals and practitioners, but also among parents and carers. You can complete the training tool here (opens as a PowerPoint document).

VSU E-Learning Resource

This e-learning resource for the Alcohol and Drug Partnership workforce was developed with funding from the Scottish Government and with support from NHS Scotland. Its goal is to increase professionals’ knowledge of VSU, enabling it to be more readily integrated into their service delivery.

Please click here to watch an introductory video and access the resource


Buzzin’ is a teaching resource designed for S1-S3 (or Curriculum for Excellence Stage 3). It explores the impact of gas and solvent use on the lives of young people living in the fictional town of Duncastle. This resource is intended to provide high quality learning material that will allow students to explore sensitive and relevant issues around volatile substance use.

Please click here to access the resource and teacher’s guide

Parent Guides

Evidence shows that talking about drugs with your children can protect them from harm. The top ten tips in our Parent Guide will help get you started. We also have a new Parent Guide with advice on talking with your child about social media and gaming. You can download PDFs here or just get in touch if you’d like print quantities.

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