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Welcome to Re-Solv Stafford

Re-Solv is working in partnership with Stafford Borough Council to run a community-based prevention project.

Re-Solv has developed a community-based prevention model working with young people, community members, families and schools to build resilience within communities and enable young people to make healthy, positive life choices. Funded by Stafford Borough Council, key elements of this work include:

  • Providing information and resources on drugs, alcohol and mental health and the support available locally.
  • Giving parents information about alcohol, substance misuse and mental health issues – and how to spot and respond to the early signs that a young person may be struggling.
  • Delivering free training sessions for professionals and/or community volunteers so they can help community members who may need additional support – giving them the tools to spot the signs, have initial conversations and signpost.
  • Delivering age appropriate activity-based prevention sessions in schools or local youth groups for young people with a focus on strengthening resilience.

Resources to Share

Re-Solv has produced a number of video resources to support prevention work across education and in the local community. Please click on the links below to access the resources. We are always happy to receive feedback to help us improve our work. Please send any comments to Thank you!

Resources to support Community prevention work in Stafford Borough
  • Nitrous oxide: A short 5-minute film giving the basic facts around the law, the risks and harm reduction.  The film is for young people or anyone who just wants to learn more about nitrous oxide.  It may be useful to share with your sixth formers or staff members.
  • Emotional wellbeing: Dan Gibbons has put together a short 10-minute film for community members – adults and young people – giving some quick tips and advice on ways to manage and improve our emotional wellbeing during these difficult times.
Resources to support Primary education prevention work in Stafford Borough
Resources to support Secondary education prevention work in Stafford Borough
  • Alcohol Safety (Yrs 7-8): An 11 minute Power Point presentation aimed at young people in secondary school years 7 & 8 about how to stay safe around alcohol.
  • Alcohol Safety (Yrs 10 and above): A 9 minute video presentation from Re-Solv’s Dan Gibbons answering some of the questions around alcohol use for older teens more likely to experience alcohol use.
  • Pills and Powders: This video is aimed at young people in years 12 and 13 about staying safe and informed around so called ‘party drugs’.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Is it a laughing matter? This video on nitrous oxide takes the form of a Power Point presentation and can be used in educational settings to provide more detail around the problem. The video is aimed at students in year 11 and above.

Re-Solv also offers a range of leaflets, which you can download here or just contact us if you would like print quantities. (These are free of charge unless you need us to print bulk quantities for you, in which case we will provide them at cost.)


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