VSA Professional and Peer Mentor Training

VSA Professional and Peer Mentor Training

Re-Solv delivers training on volatile substance abuse (‘VSA’) to health, social care, housing, education and other services and support groups across the UK. We have over 35 years’ experience working in this field, which involves the misuse of gases such as butane and nitrous oxide, and solvents such as petrol.

Training is free of charge in England and Scotland, thanks to our funders: Corra Foundation, The Henry Smith Charity, Lloyds Bank Foundation and The Tudor Trust. There are four types of training available:

Group training for up to 20

If you would like to book group training for up to 20 members of your team, Nicola Jones can deliver this via live webinar or face-to-face at your offices, depending on distance. (For face-to-face training, we will ask you to complete a short Covid risk assessment to ensure everyone’s safety.) Please phone 01785 817885 or email info@re-solv.org for more info or to make a booking.

Live Zoom training

Live Zoom Training will be delivered by Dan Gibbons on Tuesday 7th December from 9.30am – 12.30pm. There are 25 places on a webinar session, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please phone 01785 817885 or email info@re-solv.org to book your place.

Recorded webinar training

If you’d like to complete training in your own time but would prefer it to be trainer-led, our free recorded training programme takes approximately 3 hours to complete. A workbook is provided and if you’d like to email this to us on completion, we will email you your certificate and a copy of our VSA Handbook. For the training link, password, and resource materials please email info@re-solv.org.

Self-guided training

We also have a free self guided training programme available.

You can print out the pdf and use it as a worksheet, or fill it in on your computer. Email or post the pdf or your notes back to us and we will send you a certificate. Our postal address is Re-Solv, 30a High Street, Stone, ST15 8AW and the email to use is info@re-solv.org.

Substance Misuse Services: Assessing for VSA

Please can you help us by routinely including VSA in any assessment. It is often a secondary or tertiary substance that clients are using and they may not think to mention it alongside illicit drug use.

On TOPS forms, please could you specify the product being misused. The revised NDTMS categories for solvent and volatile substance abuse are: gas (butane/propane), aerosols, nitrous oxide, poppers, petrol, glue, acetone, other solvents.

Professional resources

  • A guide to assessing for solvent and volatile substance abuse is also available here.
  • An A4 poster, intended for in-service notice boards, with information about solvent abuse for adult users can be printed off here.
  • For services in Scotland, this e-learning resource was developed in association with NHS Scotland.

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