Solvent Abuse Prevention

Education is the key to prevention with solvent abuse.

Re-Solv believes in giving young people the information they need to make informed decisions about risk-taking behaviours such as substance misuse.

Support we can offer in education:

Prevention and harm reduction for older students

Re-Solv runs outreach and drop-in sessions for sixth forms, colleges and students in higher education. Please get in touch if you would like us to attend an event, provide a session or tailor a programme to suit your needs.

We are also happy to run nitrous oxide harm reduction sessions in the run-up to the festival season. (Nitrous oxide use is most common among 16-24 year olds.)

Just phone 01785 817885 or email for details.

Community-based prevention programmes

Re-Solv has worked on awareness-raising and harm-reduction projects with communities in Glasgow, Stoke-on-Trent and, currently, in Northamptonshire and Staffordshire.

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