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Q1: What is the formal term used in the UK for ‘solvent abuse’?

“Solvent abuse” is the term most people use when they’re talking about the deliberate inhalation of gases such as butane and propane, some glues and other solvents. But what is the formal term for this kind of substance misuse in the UK?

Q2: What products are NOT associated with solvent abuse?

Solvent abuse involves the inhalation of volatile chemicals from everyday household products. They are available and accessible in all our homes and high streets and the fact that they have legitimate purposes makes them very difficult to regulate. Which of the following is NOT associated with solvent abuse?

Q3: What is the biggest risk associated with solvent abuse?

Solvent abuse remains one of the most hidden, and least talked-about, forms of substance misuse. As a result, vulnerable users, whether they be children or adults, often remain unidentified and unsupported. But what is the most significant risk associated with it?

Q4: Is solvent abuse illegal?

Solvent abuse involves the use of legitimate products found in all our homes and high streets. So is it illegal?

Q5. Who engages in solvent abuse?

Research on the Social Impact of Solvent Abuse, commissioned by Re-Solv in 2018 suggested that there are an estimated 164,000 solvent users in England. But who are they?

Q6. Is solvent abuse addictive?

The NHS defines addiction as “as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you.” Does this happen to people using volatile substances?

Q7. How should I respond if I think someone is high on volatile substances?

Assuming this isn’t an emergency situation, but that you think someone is high on a volatile substance, what is the best thing to do?

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