VSA e-learning resource

VSA e-learning resource

The background

We are pleased to launch our new Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA) e-learning resource for the Alcohol and Drug Partnership workforce.  This resource was developed with funding from the Scottish Government and with support from NHS Scotland. Re-Solv would like to thank the Scottish Government for supporting VSA prevention.

As The Road to Recovery: A New Approach to Tackling Scotland’s Drug Problem makes explicit, all types of substance misuse must have a treatment option. Having identified gaps in service provision for VS-users, we have developed a tool kit for professionals.  The toolkit will increase professionals’ knowledge of VSA, enabling it to be more readily integrated into their service delivery.

Who is this resource for?

Designed for either in-house delivery or individual use, the resource will be of relevance to any organisation or stakeholder that requires a sound knowledge on the issue of VSA. Healthcare, counsellors, education departments, social work agencies, Trading Standards, protective services, community organisations and others can benefit from an increased understanding of the specific issues and dangers surrounding VSA.

The resource includes:

The video above – Volatile Substance Misuse: Legal and Lethal – has been produced as part of this project.

If you have any questions about this resource, or if you experience any technical difficulties, please email information@re-solv.org.

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