Recovery West Midlands

Re-Solv is here to support any adult whose life is affected by solvent abuse, anywhere in the West Midlands, free of charge.

If your life is affected by solvent abuse, if you work with someone using solvents, or if you’re worried about a friend or relative, we’re here to help. We can provide one-to-one support and joint-work with other agencies who may already be involved in your care.

All you need to do is get in touch. Just phone me, Nic, on 01785 817885, or email, or send me a text or whatsapp on 07496 959930.

How does it work?

There are no costs involved. Once you get in touch, we’ll arrange an initial phone conversation or face-to-face meeting – whichever you’re more comfortable with. This will give us an opportunity to meet, talk through your situation and start to make a plan.

If you are already working with other agencies, that’s fine too. Many of Re-Solv’s clients have a number of keyworkers and, with your permission, we can all work together to support you.


For professionals

If you are working with someone using solvents, please get in touch. We can support you in your work and/or provide professional and peer-mentor training on solvent abuse for your organisation.

As well as providing training, we are also available to provide supplementary support to any of your clients who use solvents. Re-Solv works with local substance misuse services to provide additional one-to-one support as appropriate, and advocates for anyone using solvents with other wraparound and support services. Please use our referral form or contact me, Nic, on 01785 817885, by email, or send me a text or whatsapp on 07496 959930.

This work in the West Midlands is funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

lloyds bank foundation

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