We have met hundreds, if not thousands of people across the country who have used solvents over the course of their lives. Encouraging you to share those experiences and tell those stories is the most powerful tool we have in breaking down the stigma around solvent abuse, and showing that recovery is possible.

About 17,000 people in the UK struggle with solvent abuse, misusing products like lighter refills, aerosols or other volatile substances. Most don’t talk about it and don’t access recovery services. How can we start to change that?

Please can your group help…?

Re-Solv would like to meet with groups across the UK to talk about your experiences of solvent abuse, to find out what you think we could be doing to help more people find support and treatment, and to raise awareness about this often hidden issue. If you or your group would be willing to take part, we’d love to hear from you. Please email Vic or phone 01785 817885. Thank you!

Expert advisors

We have a growing team of people whom we regularly contact for advice and feedback about the work that we do. If you’d be willing to add your voice, we’d love to hear from you. It would involve allowing us to phone or email you no more than four times a year – perhaps to get your thoughts on a new idea, or ask you to complete a short survey or to see what you think about a new leaflet or resource we’re working on. Again, just email Vic or phone 01785 817885. Thank you!

Please come and say hello

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Please come and say hello!

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