Other research

Previous research commissioned by Re-Solv includes:

Tackling VSA more effectively by meeting professionals needs
Richard Ives, 2009
A Big Lottery commissioned report for Re-Solv by educari, looking at the information professionals need to establish the way forward for VSA service delivery in the UK.

Tackling VSA in Scotland: Interviews with young people
Marina Clayton, 2007
Interviews with young people who are ‘looked after’ and live in a residential establishment. The young people talk about their experience of ‘buzzing’ or ‘sniffing’ solvents.

Crime and VSA
Jon McVey, 2005
A study into the association between VSA and criminal behaviour.

Educating your mind using your funny bone
Kay Carter, 2005
Research conducted by Re-Solv’s Youth Liaison Officer into engaging young people with humour.

Social services training needs in relation to volatile substance abuse by young people looked after by local authorities
Jane Boylan, Suzy Braye and Claire Worley, 2001
A report by Staffordshire University Institute of Social Work on a series of focus group discussions with social workers, residential and foster carers and young people.

Survey on Test Purchasing Campaigns to Enforce Cigarette Lighter Refill (Safety) Regulations 1999
LACORS, 2002
A survey carried out on behalf of Re-Solv to ascertain the level of enforcement action on test purchasing in regard to cigarette lighter refills, under the Cigarette Lighter Refill (Safety) Regulations 1999.

‘Buzzing, Sniffing, Tooting’, Volatile Substance Abuse and looked after young people
Worley, 2001
A literature review relating to either volatile substance abuse specifically, or substance abuse, in relation to young people and vulnerable young people looked after by the local authority.

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