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Solvent abuse can be one of those things that come out of the blue and which no one seems to know anything about. We’re here to help – you can chat with us online, call us on 01785 810762 or text/whatsapp on 07946 959930.

There’s information in our FAQs section, and we have a range of leaflets on solvent abuse, nitrous oxide and poppers that you can download, or that we can send out to you.

Talking about drugs with your children can also help protect them from harm. Often parents underestimate their influence but evidence shows that 11-15 year-olds in particular look to their parents for information. The guide below was developed with ‘legal highs’ in mind, but the tips are relevant for talking about drugs more generally. Have a look and see if they can help you begin having these conversations – whether it’s over a cup of tea, a family meal, a walk in the park or a drive to school – wherever and however fits best into your family life.

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