Animation – Solvent Abuse

Animation – Solvent Abuse

I played around with the idea of just animation the elements of the PDF infographic, but I felt it would just get lost among the thousands – millions? – of other animated infographics where text zooms in, rotates, simple objects roll in or out etc.

So I’ve been working on a style which follows our current aesthetics. I’d like people to watch the animation and see how it fits with our publications and website.

I know you’re not keen on showing particular ages/genders/racial backgrounds in order to not exclude anyone, so I’ve used objects and close-ups to avoid this.

We don’t want the animated sections to distract from the text, so in each shot the animation will be subtle as the text appears: the paint/solvent will drip slowly to reveal the amounts spent on solvent abuse; the hands will reach for each other and make contact; the girl will slowly scroll through the Re-solv website on her phone.

If you’re not keen and you’d like to return to the infographic approach that’s totally fine. I just wanted to try to make animations that would stand out in social media becuse they’re a little different.

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