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About VSA

VSA – volatile substance abuse – solvent abuse – tooting – buzzing …

…is when the volatile chemicals in household products such as aerosols and lighter fuel refills are inhaled in order to get ‘high’. This form of substance misuse kills approximately 30 people a year in the UK, usually through a fatal heart attack known as ‘sudden sniffing death syndrome’.


About ‘legal highs’

‘Legal highs’ – NPS – new psychoactive substances…

Because recreational drugs in the UK tend to be illegal, ‘legal highs’ have been created to bypass the law. They are manufactured synthetically to mimic the effects of existing illegal drugs and can be found as pills, powders and smokeable substances. More about ‘legal highs’.


News & Headlines

Keep up with the latest VSA and NPS news headlines from around the world on our Solvent Abuse blog:



Paul Cullington talks about losing his son, Christopher, to VSA

Nicollette Nicole talks about the death of her son, Steven


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