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Re-Solv is funded to deliver free professional training on VSA and NPS across Stoke-on-Trent. The goal is to ensure that anyone working with young people, or providing services or activities for young people, feels confident to recognise and knows how to respond to ‘legal high’ use.

Each training session is held at your own venue and can be tailored to your organisational need. For example, services working directly with substance users may wish to book a full day’s training; for other organisations an awareness-raising session of two or three hours may be more appropriate. Whatever you need, we can make it work so please phone Julie on 01785 817885 or email

New Psychoactive Substances (‘NPS or ‘legal highs’)

NPS training can include:

  • Exploring what we mean by NPS and the categories of substances available today.
  • Discussing prevalence in young people and adults and examine reasons for use.
  • Exploring the Government’s response to NPS and the impact of legislation.
  • Examining health risks and dangers.
  • Discussing the importance of assessments and identifying users.
  • Exploring best practices for harm minimization.
  • Effectively managing NPS clients.

Volatile Substance Abuse (‘VSA’)

VSA training can include:

  • Understanding the need to educate about the dangers of VSA and sudden death.
  • Identifying substances that may be misused and common methods of abuse.
  • Discussing prevalence and reasons for use including short term effects.
  • Recognising possible indications of misuse and distinguishing between occasional and chronic use.
  • Discussing the importance of assessment and the need to overcome stigma.
  • Effectively managing emergency situations and/or VSA incidents and exploring best practice for VSA prevention and treatment.

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