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Welcome to Re-Solv Stafford

Re-Solv are working in partnership with Stafford Borough Council to run a community-based prevention project.

Re-Solv has developed a community-based prevention model working with young people, community members, families and schools to build resilience within communities and enable young people to make healthy, positive life choices. Our resilience-building community prevention programme is currently funded by Stafford Borough Council and works not just with young people but also with their parents and the wider community. Key elements of this work include:

  • Providing information and resources on drugs, alcohol and mental health and the support available locally.
  • Giving parents information about alcohol, substance misuse and mental health issues – and how to spot and respond to the early signs that a young person may be struggling.
  • Delivering free training sessions for professionals and/or community volunteers so they can help community members who may need additional support – giving them the tools to spot the signs, have initial conversations and signpost.
  • Delivering age appropriate activity-based prevention sessions in schools or local youth groups for young people with a focus on strengthening resilience.

Stafford Rotary is raising funds to support our prevention work in Stafford. They are hosting a Sleep-Out on May 17th at Stafford College to increase awareness of homelessness. Please join in! You can click through to Stafford Rotary’s Campaign page or download the information here:

We are very grateful to Stafford Rotary for supporting our work to build resilience in young people in Stafford.

Funds raised from the sleep out will allow us to provide additional resources and prevention sessions to local primary schools enabling young people to make healthier life choices. Work at an early age is crucial. 1 in 10 children now have a diagnosable mental health condition – ½ of all mental health problems are established by age of 14 (Mental Health Taskforce 2016).


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