About Community for Recovery

Community for Recovery has been set up by Re-Solv, the national agency working to prevent volatile substance abuse (‘VSA’) in the UK and to support all those whose lives are affected by it. Its development between 2012-15 was funded by an IESD grant from the Department of Health and it is now funded by the Big Lottery Fund until 2018.

In their 2010 Drug Strategy, the government emphasised the importance of building recovery in communities. To do this, a person needs certain resources to help them start and sustain recovery from drug and alcohol dependence – not least through building “social capital” or “the resource a person has from their relationships (e.g. family, partners, children, friends and peers). This includes both support received, and commitment and obligations resulting from relationships.”

We hope you will find just such support here

Solvent abuse is rarely talked about. It has a much lower profile than other, illicit drugs. As a result, those affected by if often feel lonely or isolated – but please don’t suffer alone. We hope that this website will bring people together to build a Community that helps and supports all its members on their individual journeys to recovery.

Community Voice

We would be very grateful for your feedback, suggestions, criticisms and questions so that we can improve this site and the service we offer. Please click here to find out more.

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