Getting involved

These are early days for the Community and we know there are things we will have got right and other things that could be improved. We would be very grateful for your feedback, suggestions, criticisms and questions so that we can help make the service as accessible and useful as possible. Please just use the form below.

We are also constantly trying to better understand solvent abuse from the perspective of those who have experienced it; either first hand or indirectly through a friend of family member’s use. If you feel you could share your experiences with us, we would be very grateful to hear from you by email or talk to you over the phone (01785 810762). We understand that you may want to remain anonymous and that’s fine; we want to learn better how to identify with you – not identify you.

We also have a growing team of people whom we regularly contact for advice and feedback. If you would be willing to add your voice, please email us. It would involve allowing us to phone or email you approximately four times a year – perhaps to get your thoughts on a new idea, or ask you to complete a short survey about how well or otherwise you think the service is operating.

Get in touch

If you have any questions please send us a message using the form below, or click here for our Contact Page.


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